Video conferencing uses telecommunications of audio and video to bring clinical consultations or encounters. Dr. Narendra Pardeshi, from Small Animal Clinic is here to help you find the right answers to your questions and concerns for your Pet.

Our Expert Dr. Narendra R Pardeshi (M.V.Sc, Surgery) who has been in this arena for past 14 long years will be there to handle video conference request.

During his career Dr. Narendra R Pardeshi has been a:
Member of Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai( PPAM)
Member of Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice

Benefits of Video Conferencing

> Video conference technology is an extremely effective tool in the delivery of remote consultations or    encounters.

> Owners of pet does not have to leave the comfort of his or her home while the doctor can monitor and    collect pet information from anywhere.

> Minimizing unnecessary travel time and costs.

> Consultations via a video conference is particularly helpful when there is issues about traveling to a clinic    due to mobility problems or environment-related concerns.

> Video conference systems giving medical experts the ability to easily share their expertise and    knowledge with pet owners.


The quality and speed of your online meeting experience will be governed by your video capture device, computer processing power, and real-time bandwidth availability.

For Conference Participants

  > Windows XP 32 bit or Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) and above

  > Pentium 4, Core2 Duo, Quad Core, Intel i3, i5 or i7 equivalent CPU

  > 2 GB of RAM

  > High speed broadband Internet access (at least 512 Kbps)

  > Webcam or Video input

  > DirectSound compatible audio input headset with mic or speakers with mic

Faclility of Video Conference Process Follows:

  > Fill up the Video Conference Request Form.

  > We will send you email with Video Conference meeting details within 24 hours.

  > Please fill up the video conference request form for further process.

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