The goal of our kennel is happy, healthy pets and satisfied pet owners.

General Appearance

When you visit our kennel, you will observe that there are no cages in the kennel. Our kennels have indoor/outdoorspace for pets. We house pets inside, but utilize outside area for exercisingand relaxing the pets. This designs has its own advantages, the pet feels homely and are not just restricted to the cage. We also have air-conditioning facility at our kennel to maintain the temperature.

Security and Safety

Our boarding kennelis designed to prevent any kind of accident. The open area is covered and fenced. All the openings have well-maintained fencing and gates. If your dog is a climber, digger, or some other type of “escape artist,” you can inform the kennel operator so that extra precautions can be taken.Other pets mostly require covered facilities.


Proper supervision is the key to good boarding. Pets should be checked frequently during the day by someone who is trained to recognize the signs of illness and distress. Experience and practical knowledge are required to detect or interpret such symptoms. We have competent kennel personnel trained by a veterinary surgeon to recognize and evaluate such signs and to seek veterinary assistance when needed. We also have the same veterinary surgeon on our expert panel to advice and visit out kennel on request.

Cleaning and Sanitation

The kennel should be free of dirt, fecal accumulation, odors, and parasite infestation (flies, fleas, ticks). There should be a strict schedule of disinfecting with effective chemicals.

Our kennel is cleaned twice daily to maintain the hygiene. We have vinyl flooring which is easy to clean and sanitize.

Fumigation (room sterilization) is done periodically on regular basis. The place has plenty of natural light and ventilation which is refreshing for the pets.

Health Care

  1. Water:We provide filtered water in individual containers to each pet.
  2. Food:We maintain a stock of the most popular brands and feed whatever you request. However, we do allow you to bring your pet’s favorite food, if you wish. We follow the feeding schedule as recommended /conveyed by the owner.
  3. Veterinary services:We have Dr. Narendra Pardeshi (M.V.Sc, Surgery) on our expert panel. He visits the kennel once every day to check all the pets.
  4. Immunization requirements:Dogs should be immunized against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus (DHLPP), bordetella and deworming.Cats should be vaccinated against rabies, panleukopenia or distemper, feline rhinotracheitis, calici virus, and pneumonitis (FVRCPP).
  5. Medication policies and procedures:If your pet is taking medication, it’s important to inform the kennel operator of the nature of the problem and the type and frequency of medication. If possible provide doctor’s prescription. If your pet requires excessive medication (more than three times per day or nighttime medication, then it’s recommended to consult your doctor and the kennel operator prior to boarding. We follow the medication schedule as informed by the owner.Health Fitness certificate of your pet from your doctor is mandatory before admission.
  6. Parasite control:We recommend the owners to do a blood test (CBC) before boarding the pet as it reveals early stage infection/tick fever/disease in -incubation at early stage. If required our expert vet can administer your pet and treat him/her safely. We provide anti tick collars to all dogs as prevention against ticks.


Provision for Animal Comfort

  1. Temperature control:We have an AC kennel and maintain temperatures within healthful, comfortable limits for your pets. If you have an older pet, or a pet that requires warmer or cooler accommodations than are normally provided, we determine if special arrangements can be made.AC facility is optional.
  2. Protection from the elements:Our inside and outside areas are well covers and fenced for protection against wind, rain, and direct sunlight.
  3. Ventilation and Light:Good ventilation helps minimize the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses.The place has plenty of natural light and ventilation which reduce viruses.
  4. Bedding:We do not provide bedding, as we have vinyl flooring pets like to sleep on the same.We do allowowners toprovide bedding from home if they wish.
  5. Sleeping Quarters:As you know from observing your pet, most of his or her time is spent resting or sleeping. We provide a place clean, dry, and roomy enough for your pet to stand up comfortably, turn around easily, and stretch out.


Business Procedures

  1. Personnel:Kennel work is physically demanding and difficult. Our kennel personnel demonstrate a high level of understanding and concern for your pet by their behavior, their animal handling techniques, and their attitude.
  2. Appearance of kennel grounds and office:We always strive to keep the kennel property neat and well maintained.
  3. Boarding agreement or contract:Our kennel has boarding agreement which clearly states your rights and the kennel’s responsibilities. This type of form protects you and the kennel from any misunderstandings in these areas.
  4. Hours of operation:

          Monday to Saturday :

          Morning 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

          Evening : 5.00 pm to 8:00 pm

          Sunday: Office staff holiday. Available by appointment only.


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